Within his latest book, Jimmy visits over 25 communities and returns to three communities featured in Before They Pass Away. He works with attention to detail, setting the stage with meticulous care. It is all about perfection - a measured balance of shapes, colours, and, most of all, light. Jimmy only uses natural light, which demands a lot of time. It means that he can be working on one image for several hours, or days, before he reaches what he's after - the magic, enchanting atmosphere that the right light brings.


This is not just a book

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Each image in this book has hidden digital layers. Go even deeper into Jimmy’s photography with video material that will bring you new insights into his work, and new perspectives on the lives of the people he visited. Open the book, and be transported, from the stunning Sarchop in the Himalayas of Bhutan, to the icy Tundra in the north of Siberia, home to the unyielding Dolgan reindeer-herders.

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I take pictures. I make images. Unlike film, which overwhelms you with movement and sound, defining the ongoing moment, a photograph just sits there quietly while you decide what it is saying.

I strongly believe that artists must always be part of a conversation, and share provocative ideas. My idea is that of aesthetic and empowerment for a better world. I hope that with my work, remote, indigenous people (in many cases without a global perspective) get a better sense of their uniqueness and importance in the world we all live in, which will support them to be more resilient to the pressures around them.

This personal artistic documentation is a way of re-igniting the fire and pride within and for indigenous people, of creating mutual respect for all people, and of empowering future generations all over the world to illuminate their cultural heritage.