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Bring every picture to life with the Jimmy Nelson App

Jimmy Nelson- App

The Jimmy Nelson App is a remarkable record of their journeys with immersive 360º films, behind-the-scenes footage, storytelling and more.

With this app, you will be able to scan images of Jimmy Nelson in the books, at exhibitions, with Cult-ED (our free education program) or online.

Scanning the image will enable you to step into the world behind the image, through your smartphone. Jimmy himself combined with beautiful video material will guide you through breathtaking footage, but above all uncovers the beauty of day-to-day life from all over the world.

Jimmy Nelson- Cult-ED- App

Within this scan modus, you will be able to scan the images. The app uses the camera of your smartphone and recognizes the image. Once your phone recognizes the image by holding the camera like you are going to take a picture of the image an eye will appear upon the photo. Clicking the eye will start the video.


Here you can monitor your progress of how many images you have scanned per chapter. By clicking on each individual chapter you can see exactly which images you have already scanned. But more importantly which content is still left you to discover.


The Virtual Reality function is only available for the book Homage to Humanity, with which you will receive VR Goggles. Put your phone in the Goggles, and visit through the VR Gallery in the app all communities Jimmy has visited. The 360º videos will enable you to completely immersive yourself in other worlds and meet people all over the world.

You will go on a journey, you will go to places, you will meet people and you will feel things. I want to show you, and I want you to understand these people, and how important they are for you and me
Jimmy Nelson App- Scanning Photo
Tutorial Before They Pass Away
Jimmy Nelson App- Scanning Photo
Tutorial Homage to Humanity
Jimmy Nelson App- Scanning Photo
Tutorial The Last Sentinels
Jimmy Nelson- Cult-ED- App Tutorial
Tutorial Cult-ED
Jimmy Nelson- App- Tutorial
Tutorial Exhibitions
Jimmy Nelson- App- Tutorial
Tutorial No source available