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We wish for a culturally diverse and healthy planet with respect for each other.

With its projects, the Jimmy Nelson Foundation is completing the circle Jimmy has started with his art.

The Jimmy Nelson Foundation is a non-profit organization established in 2016,
serving as an educational, fundraising and outreach platform. Its mission is to
amplify the voices of Indigenous peoples and celebrate cultural diversity as an
invaluable intangible heritage that should be safeguarded for the benefit of all

The Foundation operates through three programmes: Cult-ED, which offers free online education to foster global citizenship worldwide; Give Back, which supports Indigenous cultures directly involved in Jimmy Nelson’s work through reciprocity projects; and CAREitage, a program facilitating access to international funding for the conservation of intangible heritage worldwide.

The Foundation works with local partners and experts to create educational and
artistic projects that showcase the richness and uniqueness of each culture. This
includes promoting original books, films, exhibitions, workshops, festivals, and online platforms. Additionally, the Foundation advocates for the rights and interests of Indigenous peoples in global forums and dialogues, while encouraging intercultural exchange among diverse groups.
The Foundation believes that by honouring and respecting humanity’s cultural
diversity, we can cultivate a more peaceful and harmonious world for everyone.
If you identify with our values, we invite you to join us, and become an ambassador of a global citizenship. Together we can celebrate our universal roots, preserve our histories, and create a lasting legacy to future generations.

The ultimate scope of the Foundation is to preserve and promote the intangible cultural heritage for the benefit of all humanity