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fine art

Wodaabe - Chad

XXVIII-12 - Exclusively selected Fine art print

Wodaabe | Gerewol festival, Bossio, Chari-Baguirmi region | Chad, 2016


The imposing Zebu cattle and their gargantuan horns are the Wodaabe people’s most treasured possessions. The communities depend for their survival on their cattle. In the majority of cases the animals are not eaten
or sold, and only their milk is consumed. The herders are often heard to describe the zebus as ‘true’: they are ‘pretty’ and not ‘ugly like sheep’. The only time the cows are permitted to be ritualistically slaughtered is when it
is done to mark a particular life passage, such as certain births, weddings or even deaths.

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Jimmy Nelson Foundation

With your purchase you support Indigenous communities taking their heritage into the future

With its projects, the Jimmy Nelson Foundation (JNF) is completing the circle Jimmy has started. As cultures are rapidly changing through time, and the world’s cultural diversity is at risk, now is the moment to act. The JNF supports Indigenous communities in preserving and passing on their traditional heritage and knowledge by investing in reciprocity and educational projects.

When you look at people- whether they are the Huli from Papua New Guinea, the Mursi from Ethiopia or even oneself- look beyond and do not judge. Often the truth is far different from what the eye beholds.
  • Editions

      Limited to 19

  • frame

      Wallnut wood

  • glass

      Musem glass

  • Sizes

      062 x 074 cm - Edition of 9

      100 x 120 cm - Edition of 6

      140 x 170 cm - Edition of 3

      170 x 207 cm - Edition of 1

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