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Project Coördinator

Coco Box

Part Of Jimmy Nelson His Team- Coco Box
Since I started working for Jimmy nine years ago I have been using my commercial background to bring art to the world
Part Of Jimmy Nelson His Team- Coco Box

What is your most profound experience while being away from home?

We visited the Chinese wall with this amazing girl from Beijing. She took us to a part of the wall, rarely visited by tourists which gave us the opportunity to be there and be completely alone. Something that’s very rare in general in China, an almost magical experience. Afterwards, she invited us to her home, where her mother prepared this amazing meal. Best food I have had!

What is your most special connection you have made while being away from home?

Whilst traveling through Colombia we met two lovely English doctors, we spent not only the rest of the 6 weeks travelling together as friends but still to this day, visiting each other, attending weddings and building families.

What is your dream?

Creating that better world for my children to grow up in, showing them our and generations before us can clean our mess up!