Before They Pass Away

Before They Pass Away

For his first book, Before They Pass Away Jimmy travelled across the world for two and a half years to meet people from the most extraordinary indigenous cultures. Jimmy’s dream has always been to create awareness about our world’s variety of peoples. This book is a homage to the thirty-five cultures he will probably never fully understand, but who will never stop inspiring him to visit.






I take pictures. I make images. Unlike film, which overwhelms you with movement and sound, defining the ongoing moment, a photograph just sits there quietly while you decide what it is saying.

I strongly believe that artists must always be part of a conversation, and share provocative ideas. My idea is that of aesthetic and empowerment for a better world. I hope that with my work, remote, indigenous people (in many cases without a global perspective) get a better sense of their uniqueness and importance in the world we all live in, which will support them to be more resilient to the pressures around them.

This personal artistic documentation is a way of re-igniting the fire and pride within and for indigenous people, of creating mutual respect for all people, and of empowering future generations all over the world to illuminate their cultural heritage.