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Virtual Exhibition

Virtual Exhibition: The Power in Emotion

1 Dec - 15 Jan 2022 - 2023



Jimmy asked his heroines, Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith to curate a virtual exhibition exclusively about women.

The exhibition, The power in emotion invites us all to celebrate women all around the world radiating through Jimmy’s lens. A homage to the way women resourcefully combine power and sensibility, and an invitation for men to get back in touch with the emotionally open part of themselves that holds the rewarding inner lives that have historically been the province of women.

This virtual exhibition called ‘The power in emotion’ celebrates women curated by two of the most iconic women Jimmy knows: Angela Fisher and Carol Beckwith.

Within their mutual fields of interest these photographers represent the epitome of women’s achievements. Throughout their extraordinary life, they have been granted unprecedented access to a kaleidoscope of African Indigenous rites and rituals. They continue to be honoured today worldwide for their powerful photographs documenting the traditional ceremonies of these wildly creative and precious cultures. Like Jimmy, they are committed to adoring and sharing the wealth of this cultural heritage which stands on the threshold of being lost as the ever-encroaching modern world fast approaches.

A wonderful way to celebrate Women's Day isto be swept off your feet by the beauty and power of Indigenous women across the world. Jimmy Nelson’s unique collection of photographs capture the extraordinary creativity and pride of these women, from the ochered Himba nomads of the Namib Desert to the bejewelled daughters of Mongolia. Through these masterful images, Jimmy’s deep admiration for women shinesthrough. As fellow photographers, we share his passion to celebrate the beauty, power and pride of womankind. - Angela Fisher & Carol Beckwith

Jimmy is honoured and thrilled that his dear friends Carol and Angela have participated in the curation of this virtual exhibition.

He has and always will be in awe of what their heart and eyes have witnessed and thus in total trust of their creative choice. The women portrayed in the images all display their own story of strength and achievement. In the selection is one of Jimmy’s iconic images of the Himba from a posterior perspective. He has always been obsessively interested in the aesthetic of the human back.

The selection on view features more than 20 artworks, brought to life by an audio tour narrated by Jimmy Nelson himself. Running until August 31st, The Power in Emotion encourages us to rethink vulnerability as an asset of strength for both women and men.

For me it represents the physical connection and power with the original source ofstrength for all humans. The Himba women of Northern Namibia confidently stride into the unending empty landscape, their backs holding their heritage and heads high with a strength and ease which is an inspiration for us all. - Jimmy Nelson

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