The Last Sentinels is a beautiful lush catalogue combining images from both Before They Pass Away and Homage to Humanity. The catalogue gives a visual overview of the communities visited by Jimmy Nelson. The people are a living example of how to live in full connection with each other, ourself and the natural world. They are the few on this planet that are still in touch with this knowledge and live by their values. These cultures are the guardians or ‘last sentinels’ of both humanity and this planet. Like both the coffee-table books, every image of The Last Sentinels is scannable with the free Jimmy Nelson App, revealing unique video content behind every picture.






The Jimmy Nelson Foundation is founded with the mission to safeguard the world's last Indigenous cultures and share their valuable wisdom with the world. As cultures are rapidly changing through time, and the world's cultural diversity is at risk, now is the moment to act. The JNF supports Indigenous communities in preserving and passing on their traditional heritage and knowledge by investing in reciprocity projects for the communities Jimmy visited, for now and generations to come. Cult-ED is the foundation's free education program, which you can easily download from their website.



1. Download the free Jimmy Nelson App in the App Store or in the Google Play Store and start exploring.

2. Open the app, select The Last Sentinels in the Select your source screen and press continue. 


 3. To scan a picture, hold your smartphone above any picture until an eye symbol appears on your screen. Press on the eye symbol and a video will start playing, revealing unique video footage behind every picture. Enjoy the digital travel adventure! 

 7. Look around you and indulge in fascinating cultures and faraway places. It’s as if you are really there, discovering the world!

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