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Filmographer & Producer

Stephanie van der Wiel

Part Of Jimmy Nelson His Team- Stephanie van der Wiel

Stephanie’s thirst for adventure was well established in her childhood, traveling around the world with her father, a pilot.

Later, as an adult who’d studied and worked within civil law, the desire to see the world was still strong within her, as was another of her passions: photography. She left the legal realm and pursued her dream, which led her to Jimmy Nelson. Jimmy brought Stephanie onto his team where she works on (360) filming, photography, writing, and global production.

Part Of Jimmy Nelson His Team- Stephanie van der Wiel

What is your life-changing experience?

A passenger bus crashed into me when I was 25. I was left with broken bones and the biggest wake-up call: “Go out into the world and make something of your life before it’s over.” I was an unhappy lawyer at the time and immediately quit my job to follow my ultimate passion: travel and filmmaking.

What is your most insightful life lesson you’ve learned?

In South Sudan, Jimmy and I visited the Mundari people. For weeks we lived with them, adjusting to their way of life. Sleeping under the stars, taking care of the cattle and realise how little you need. No amount of material wealth can compete with the importance of being part of a family.

What is your dream?

I dream of endlessly indulging in the beauty of the natural world. With passion and curiosity, I want to keep discovering while at the same time taking great care. I hope we as human beings can find a new way to live more in balance with nature. A new way of respect and realisation: this is where we all came from.