Enga is one of the provinces in Papua New Guinea. The people of Enga are called Engans—they are a majority ethnic group—speaking one language in all its five districts: approximately 500,000 people. Enga is unique among the provinces in Papua New Guinea in that it has only one major linguistic and ethnic group: Enga speakers. Although dialects of the Enga language vary greatly, Engans' shared ethnic identity overshadows the existence of other ethnic groups in the province.

One of the world’s last frontier, where traditional lifestyles and practices are still very much intact

Enga is amongst the provinces which holds a Cultural Show to display, value and preserve their unique culture.  Both young and old, continue to uphold their traditional culture by practising a showcase of dance, ritual, traditional crafts and skills presenting the many facets that make up the culture of the people of Enga. The show is being held once a year in early August for three consecutive days. 

Enga, Western Highlands, Papua New Guinea, 2017 You can scan every image of Homage to Humanity!