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Day of the World's Indigenous Peoples 

19 August 2023
By: Coco Box , Stephanie van der Wiel
Part Of Jimmy Nelson His Team- Coco Box
Part Of Jimmy Nelson His Team- Stephanie van der Wiel

Celebrating World Photography Day the analogue 10x8 plate camera

In my creative journey, I find myself drawn to the timeless charm of analogue cameras. There’s something magical about photographing on film, capturing that one magical moment that will not return. But let’s not forget, it’s not about the camera itself—it’s about the stories we want to tell.

Whether through analog or digital, it’s the essence of our message that truly matters. Are we ‘just’ documenting or are we communicating, conveying emotions? It’s about investing time, empathy, and humility. Connecting with your subject, in my case, the Indigenous communities. It doesn’t happen overnight; it requires weeks of patience, understanding, and an open heart. 🤝❤️ .

Are you capturing new memories, reminiscing through old photos, or discovering the beauty of photography in a unique way? Share your plans on social media and let’s celebrate the art of capturing moments together! Use #VisualStorytelling to join the conversation.

Gok Goi | Minj Village, Jiwaka | Papua New Guinea, 2019