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Quotes Fabrique des Lumières

8 December 2022
By: Stephanie van der Wiel , Coco Box
Part Of Jimmy Nelson His Team- Stephanie van der Wiel
Part Of Jimmy Nelson His Team- Coco Box
Jimmy Nelson - Fabriques des Lumieres - Amsterdam

Touching quotes

Naast de vragen over de muziek die gedraaid werd tijdens onze show in Fabrique des Lumières, krijgen wij ook vragen over de teksten die tijdens de show te zien zijn.

Veel mensen werden emotioneel geraakt door deze teksten, dit zien wij als een groot compliment. We willen ze daarom graag hier met jullie delen, hopelijk gaan ze je inspireren!

Next to questions about which music is used in our show at Fabrique des Lumières, we get questions about the quotes that are presented during the show. 

So many people were touched by these texts, we see this as a huge compliment.
That is why we want to share these here with you, hopefully they will inspire you even more!

  • Introduction

Let us honour the world’s last Indigenous people who live in full connection and respect to themselves, each other and the natural world.’

  • Journey

The world does not belong to us. We belong to the world.

  • Roots

The last sentinels stand rooted within their rich heritage.

  • Community

Together we can love, and when we love we thrive.

  • Tradition

They are our guides, custodians of ancient knowledge.

  • Celebration

They celebrate life, free in every waking moment.

  • Identity

Within your true identity, your heart is open to others.

  • En

This is how the last sentinels, guardians of humanity, live their lives.

How do you choose to live yours?