XXII. Bhutan


Bhutan’s verdant valleys filled with fluttering prayer flags are surrounded by the high, snow-peaked mountains that have helped isolate the country for much of its history. 

Everywhere you go there are Buddhist temples and monasteries filled  with the sound of mantras and the scent of incense.

Ngalop and Sharchop

Ngalop and Sharchop


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Bhutan is known in Bhutanese as Druk Yul, or Thunder Dragon. The population of around 800,000 is made up of several ethnic groups, including the Ngalop and the Sharchop. Ngalop means ‘the first risen’ and this group is the largest in the country.

Bhutan - the land of the Thunder Dragon

Bhutan’s government is known for measuring prosperity in terms of Gross National Happiness instead of Gross National Product, to focus on the overall happiness and well-being of the Bhutanese population, rather than only their material wealth.