Homage to Humanity


Worldwide call to preserve global cultural heritage by portraying the world’s last indigenous cultures in all their glory

Planet Earth is at risk of losing the cultural identities of the many of the world’s most unique indigenous people. This is a global issue and a result of many escalating factors, including industrialization, globalization and cultural saturation led by the increasing predominance of the internet. Together this sees a homogenization and westernization of the originally diverse cultures of this world.

Jimmy Nelson has made it his life’s work to attain understanding and respect for the world's indigenous cultures through his photography. He presents these cultures in an aspirational and stylized way – which has previously caused some controversy amongst anthropologists and purists. However, Nelson believes that the beautification of indigenous cultures is an important message for greater humanity – and one that is needed now more than ever. Today, in a bid to help safeguard a part of what Nelson sees as the very essence of all of our humanity, he is taking a stand by issuing a worldwide caution.

“If we let the cultural identity of the indigenous people disappear now, it will be lost forever. It’s literally a case of BLINK and they’re gone. And if this happens, we will lose one of the most valuable assets we have – our rich human cultural diversity and heritage. The depth and wealth of our humanity will shrink. This must not happen. Our collective cultural identity is too valuable to be destroyed by homogenization. We must unify and fight to support indigenous cultures and take personal pride in the myriad of their cultural traditions that are still to be found on the planet today.”

That’s why Jimmy invites you to spread and donate € 2,- to the Jimmy Nelson Foundation. 





Donate € 2,- to the Jimmy Nelson Foundation. 




Jimmy Nelson Foundation

The Jimmy Nelson Foundation finances projects worldwide that give indigenous cultures a platform to share their stories and promote pride, celebration, and positive self-image. We select and guide young photographers and filmmakers to work on these projects. 

In 2019 JNF needs funds to realise the following projects: 
- Hunting and gathering with the Hadzabe in Tanzania, 
- Golden Eagle Festival with the Kazakhs in Mongolia, 
- Caci Festival with the Manggarai in Indonesia, 
- Kutubu Kundu Festival in Papua New Guinea, 
- Inti Raymi-rata Festival with the Sapa Inca in Peru, 
- Up Helly Aa festival - Viking tradition, Shetlands Scotland.