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Willas Contemporary

17 Mar - 2023

IVAR Stockholm, Stockholm, Sweden

Photo- Jimmy Nelson- Zaandijk- The Netherlands- Between the Sea and the Sky

Between The Sea And The Sky in Sweden.

We are proud to announce WILLAS contemporary is the first to present Between the Sea and the Sky outside the Netherlands.

Fourteen carefully selected, large-scale photographs will grace the walls of IVAR Stockholm, Tändstick Palatset, opening on March 17th, 2023. Jimmy Nelson will be present for the opening.

The exhibition includes intimate portraits and iconic landscapes captured with a custom-made 10 x 8 analogue plate camera. The unusually large negative gives the artwork definition and perspective, which creates a romantic atmosphere, much like a painting by the Dutch masters of the Golden Age. As they walk, talk and dance, they offer a glimpse into how they interact with each other, merging with horizons of seaports, golden dunes and vast vistas dotted with windmills—the landscapes they call home.

“The lines on your faces are etched onto the map of our time, drafting contemporary contours that speak volumes. These images don’t just contain the frozen seconds of the camera’s shutter but the centuries of tradition, hardship and resilience you as subjects brought to this infinitesimally brief moment of stillness and silence that we shared.” – Jimmy Nelson


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