Photography has a bright future at a time when interest in the technology and the art form continue to grow. Accordingly, Fotografiska will be holding a trade show in its largest event halls, and it's called PhotoMarket – Cameras, Tech and Inspiration. An event that will gather the biggest brands in photography & film together with their latest products. A forum for professional and more advanced photographers, the photo industry and photography enthusiasts at a PhotoMarket packed with knowledge, inspiration and experiences.

Fotografiska proudly welcomes you to an inspiring weekend, kicking off with the exclusive premiere on 9 November when we'll be presenting a unique programme. Joining will be Jimmy as we are spreading our project with a new and unique approach using the very latest viral techniques, Anna Clarén, whose photography pulls you right in, and Joakim Odelberg, inspiring you with his extensive knowledge of nature photography. This and much more for a unique day immersed in the fascinating world of photography, weaving exciting lectures with portfolio reviews and workshops and the chance to buy the very best equipment the market has to offer at the show.

Click here for more information on Jimmy's talk

Come and hear me speak Friday 9 November at the exclusive opening of Fotografiskas photo trade show, PhotoMarket. Get your ticket through this link. It also includes free entrance to Saturday and Sunday!