A digital journey behind every picture

Jimmy introduced us to his journey for the first time in 2013 with Before They Pass Away. Throughout his life, Jimmy has been on a quest to re-connect with himself through the eye of the world's Indigenous communities. In 2020, Jimmy and his team re-launched Before They Pass Away, with new unpublished images and more learned texts, inviting you to come on this journey. With advances in new technology, the book has transformed into a digital travel experience. Now every picture in Before They Pass Away is scannable with the free Jimmy Nelson App, revealing unique video content behind every picture. This personal artistic documentation is a way of re-igniting the fire and pride within and for Indigenous people and empowering future generations all over the world to illuminate their cultural heritage.





*not available in US





The Jimmy Nelson Foundation is founded with the mission to safeguard the world's last Indigenous cultures and share their valuable wisdom with the world. As cultures are rapidly changing through time, and the world's cultural diversity is at risk, now is the moment to act. The JNF supports Indigenous communities in preserving and passing on their traditional heritage and knowledge by investing in reciprocity projects for the communities Jimmy visited, for now and generations to come. Cult-ED is the foundation's free education program, which you can easily download from their website.



This book too will be scannable with the Jimmy Nelson App, you will need the latest update of the app! The app recognizes the images, so every earlier print run of Before They Pass Away will be a digital travel adventure! As within the new edition we have chosen for a new selection of the images, there are a few images in these versions that will not be scannable. These few images will not show the 'eye' within the app. 


1. Download the free Jimmy Nelson App in the App Store or in the Google Play Store and start exploring.

2. Open the app, select Before They Pass Away in the Select your source screen and press continue. 


 3. To scan a picture, hold your smartphone above any picture until an eye symbol appears on your screen. Press on the eye symbol and a video will start playing, revealing unique video footage behind every picture. Enjoy the digital travel adventure! 

4. Monitor your progress to see how many pictures you have brought to life already and which ones still hold a story for you to discover.


 7. Look around you and indulge in fascinating cultures and faraway places. It’s as if you are really there, discovering the world!

For more information watch video above or go to, you can always drop us a line to We will get back to you as soon as possible!


I take pictures. I make images. Unlike film, which overwhelms you with movement and sound, defining the ongoing moment, a photograph just sits there quietly while you decide what it is saying.

I strongly believe that artists must always be part of a conversation, and share provocative ideas. My idea is that of aesthetic and empowerment for a better world. I hope that with my work, remote, indigenous people (in many cases without a global perspective) get a better sense of their uniqueness and importance in the world we all live in, which will support them to be more resilient to the pressures around them.

This personal artistic documentation is a way of re-igniting the fire and pride within and for indigenous people, of creating mutual respect for all people, and of empowering future generations all over the world to illuminate their cultural heritage.